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about saturday pr

Hi there! I'm Lorin, Founder of Saturday PR. I have more than 12 years of experience in the industry with a special focus on travel, culinary, hospitality and lifestyle clients.  I started this Tampa-based public relations firm out of a passion for communications and a desire to use my experience to help clients both large and small achieve their goals.
PR is about so much more than pitching and press releases, it's about creating authentic relationships with media, influencers and clients alike. It's about discovering what makes your brand or business unique and sharing it in a way that not only entices the press, but leaves them wanting more. That's how I approach every project and campaign, all while keeping my client's best interests at heart and using the power of my business as a force for good. 

So, why the name Saturday, you ask? Well, the day and the word both hold some pretty special memories for me and besides, who doesn't love Saturday?
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