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we believe business can be a force for good

Abstract Watercolor Drawing
Abstract Watercolor Drawing
Abstract Watercolor Drawing

At Saturday PR, we are inspired by the B Corp Movement and their global vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet with a special focus on racial justice, climate action and stakeholder governance.

We seek to run our business with these ideals and work with clients whose values align with ours. 

That's why we love to work with B Corp and B Corpish businesses so we can feel good about the stories we tell, knowing that each has a happy ending for all stakeholders. 

We provide reduced pricing and pro bono PR work for non profits and their programs while actively seeking new ways in which we can give back to our community and help local economies thrive. 


"To build thoughtful communications programs and share stories with an authentic, genuine voice which engage and influence media resulting in positive exposure and awareness for our clients – all while being committed to preserving the environment, combating inequality and using our business as a force for good."


"Saturday PR aims to provide our stakeholders with open dialogue with our company and to remain transparent about our mission and impact. With an emphasis on people and planet over profit, we want to make sure that we are contributing to our communities and the environment by dedicating our efforts to ensuring that our stakeholder's voices are heard, uplifted, and addressed."

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